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And they are in that view, moreover, regulations which I am not prepared to say that it may not have been within the power of the University Court to adopt. A larger question, and one of more general importance is, in my opinion, distinctly raised for decision under these declaratory conclusions, and in the pleadings by which they are supported, the question, namely,—Whether, according to the law and constitution of the University of Edinburgh, women are entitled, upon payment of the matriculation and other fees, to attend the classes of any of the professors, and are entitled to demand from the professors the instruction which is necessary to the obtaining of degrees, and which the professors are bound to give them. The case is expressly so put in the first and second pleas in law for the pursuers, as the ground on which decree is sought in terms of the leading declaratory conclusions of the action; and this question must, I think, in the first instance be disposed of, before dealing with the more limited one raised under the University Regulations. On 15th Aug., between 7 and 8 o’clock in the morning, from information I received, I went with a constable to No. 19, Sarah-street, Kingaland-road, and found Woodhouse in bed—I told him I belonged to the police, and came to take him into custody for being concerned with others in stealing a quantity of money and bank notes in July last, that a man named Foley, a publican, was in custody for receiving one of the notes, and that he, Woodhouse, was recently found dealing with one of them, a 20l. Bernstein, I believe, told you Foley’s name as the person he received the note from? Yes, and I at once accompanied him to Foley’s house—Foley did not hesitate in the slightest when I asked him these questions, nor did he by his manner at all suggest to me that he was a guilty man, except by the company that I saw at the house—it is a public house—he has been about two months in the house, I believe—it is in Shoreditch—after consulting his wife, he volun-teered a statement to me that he was waiting while the note was changed, and Bernstein had told me that he was waiting there—Foley has done his best to find out the guilty party; he has offered 5l.

Of Mr. Palmer, a builder, and Mr. Bird, a builder—I did not inquire of Mr. Whitworth, I did not know him at that time—I was aware that Mr. Plater got the things from Mr. Whitworth; he told me so, but I did not inquire there, I thought it advisable not to do so. I did my best to work for my children, and I always gave my wife my earnings; I always fed my children as much as lay in my power. (policeman. C 59) I produce the housebreaking instruments found in Mr. Reeves’s house, and this life preserver in the back yard—here is a crowbar, a jemmy, a stock, and two centre bits—I saw marks of both centre bits haying been used upon the wall in the brick work. Is it possible that they can get to the back of the houses in Ryder’s-court, by passing through a house; can you get into Ryder’s-court from your leads? Only through a house, there is no way over the leads at all, and there is no empty house that they could have gone through—they could not get from the leads into Newport-street, but it is possible that they could drop into Earl’s-court.

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There could be no fixity of tenure in such circumstances. No class in the community, no individual woman, could trust to medicine as an available professional opening, and no justice could be done to a system thus imperfectly introduced. In the meantime, the question, involving as it does important interests and exciting considerations, would remain a subject of keen and bitter contention, and make the University Court a permanent battle-field between the partisans of the opposing factions.

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In Slater’s Directory for 1850, John Mack Matsell, another bookseller and stationer, was listed at this address. Born in Lynn in about 1823, he was living here in 1851 with his wife Louisa, 28, and daughter Emma who was just ten months old. Emma died just three years later.

The University Court is the ultimate Court of appeal for the regulation of the whole studies within the University. To it is finally committed by statute the discretionary power “to effect improvements in the internal arrangement of the University,” certain safeguards being provided under which this power shall be exercised. I am of opinion that the University Court legitimately exercised this power in enacting the Regulations now in question.


He is a conveyancer—I am the subscribing witness to this deed—the parties to it are James Ewesby King of the first part, Henry Coe Coape of the second part, Henry Porter Smith of the third part, and George Goldsmith Kirby of the fourth part—it is dated 3rd June, 1854—(The deed was put in and read in part; it recited the will of Henry Coape, Esq., the father of the defendant, by which it appeared that certain lands therein named were bequeathed to the defendant with other property, which lands were assigned to Mr. Smith, as security for the advance in question). I keep a coffee shop, No. 9, Tower-hill I remember the last witness being there on 9th Aug.—the two prisoners were there with him—he took out a bag, and gave me half a crown to pay for some coffee—I gave him change—he put it into the bag—I left them sitting there—Mahoney sat on the opposite side of him, and Fitzpatrick close by him—I did not see them go away. This, in my opinion, is sufficient for the decision of this case.

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In June, 1854, I attended at No. 11, Waterloo-place for the purpose of making an advance of money—Mr. Kirby acted as my agent in the matter—I believe he is a conveyancer—on that occasion I saw Mr. Coape and Mr. King at Mr. Kirby’s office—No. 11, Waterloo-place is Mr. Kirby’s office, it is the office of the Albert Assurance Company—on that occasion Coape and King executed a deed—after the execution of certain deeds, I paid over 4,000l. To Mr. King by direction of Mr. Coape—there was conversation, but no fact strikes me particularly—Mr. King was talking, Mr. Coape was talking, but nothing that I am aware of that bears upon this question—I paid over the money upon Mr. Kirby’s advice, ho acted entirely—I was relying entirely upon Mr.


On these grounds, we are of opinion that the Interlocutor of the Lord Ordinary should be recalled, and that the defenders should be assoilzied from the conclusions of the summons. The rights claimed by the pursuers, and which they have raised the present action to enforce, are distinctly set forth in the conclusions of their summons. I have only to add, that I think the leading questions presented to us so important to the administration, the good order, and the whole interests of the University, as to raise no doubt of the right of the https://cryptolisting.org/ defenders to insist for judicial determination of these questions; and I feel sure that, in the course which they have taken they have been actuated by no unworthy motive, and that if the law is declared against the pleas of the defenders, they will deal honourably and liberally with the pursuers. Several illustrations occur to one. Application for the first time, and therefore contrary to uniform custom, may be supposed to have been, at different periods of our history, made by a Roman Cotholic, or by a Jew, or by an Indian or a Negro.

  • The effect of any other conclusion would merely be to delay the decision of the cause till these parties were in the field.
  • How long is it since she has been at your house?
  • A bobbin—I asked him what he used them for—he told me he was a fringe maker—he handed me his card—from that I imagined he was a respectable man—I asked him what they were for—he said his friend knew more about them, and he went out and fetched in Brown—I said to Brown, “What do you use these for?”—I advanced 12l.
  • Yes, I weighed one of them—I do not know which—I have some respectable bobbins with me—here is one full, and one empty—this silk on this full one is worth 2s.

This, however, is matter of form rather than of substance, and while it may modify the form of the interlocutor, it would not affect the grounds upon which I think judgment should proceed. Upon this new and very important question I have, without much difficulty, arrived at the conclusion that this demand of the pursuers to be admitted, as matter of legal right, to the full privileges of students in the University of Edinburgh, is not well founded. The claim is rested on the charters and Parliamentary Ratification of the 14th of August 1621, by which the University was established; and which, while they do not contain any express exclusion of females from University rights and privileges, conferred upon the College, as then constituted, all the rights, liberties, and privileges which pertained to any other College in the realm. And the pursuers’ claim, as I understand it, is rested not What is PenCoin so much on the express words of the charter and Parliamentary Ratification of 1621, as upon the fact that by these deeds there was conferred upon the College of Edinburgh all the privileges which pertained to the other Colleges in Scotland which were founded by Papal Bulls; by which it is maintained that these Colleges, and the University of Glasgow in particular, were placed in all respects on the same footing as the University of Bologna, in which females appear to have been occasionally admitted to corporate privileges and graduation. I am unable, therefore, to see how, in the face of these authorities, and the well-established principle of law illustrated by them, that women are now for the first time, and after centuries of a uniform and uninterrupted adverse usage, to be found entitled to the enjoyment and exercise of the rights and privileges claimed for them in this action.

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Those offered places will take part in a yearlong, bespoke subject-specific course at Oxford. Students will be based at Oxford colleges, living and studying alongside other students. Those who pass the course will then progress to undergraduate study at Oxford. Once up and running, it is anticipated that the programme will support up to 50 students every year across selected subjects.

And it appears to me equally inadmissible to urge the more peculiar fitness of females for certain departments at least of medical science and practice. However weighty such considerations may be in estimating the propriety of a new institute, they are quite out of place in a discussion like the present, which depends so entirely on the enquiry whether by the Regulations a change so important as the admission of females within its walls has been effected on the constitution of the University. By the Universities Act 1858, section 12, the University Court is empowered “to effect improvements in the internal arrangements of the University, after due communication with the Senatus Academicus, and with the sanction of the Chancellor.” But there is no power conferred upon the University Court to make any change upon the law and constitution of the University. The power given is to improve the internal arrangements of the University. This is administrative, not legislative, power—power, recognising existing rights, to make suitable arrangements for their exercise, but not power to confer the rights of students on a class or division of the community who had not such rights before. On the leading, and as it appears to me the fundamental question, therefore, involved in the present controversy, I can entertain no doubt that women are not entitled by and under the constitution of the Edinburgh University, as it existed prior to the Regulations immediately to be noticed, to the rights and privileges claimed by the pursuers.

ISAAC BROWN and RICHARD RICHARDSON , unlawfully obtaining money by false pretences. This is my sheet—here is where the name has been taken out—this table cloth is mine, it has no mark—I know it by an iron mould, and a hole in it, which was made by a little dog. I am a pawnbroker.

I am the wife of George Churchill. In May the prisoner lodged at our house, with a man named Dutton, as man and wife—I missed a ring, a brooch, a table cloth, sheet, pillow cases, and a petticoat—I did not miss them till the prisoner was gone, and I went to set my things to rights. Dudley’s shop—the prisoner came in, and asked for 6d. Worth of eggs—I did not see what he paid, he gave Mrs. Dudley some money—I noticed him, because he pushed against me.

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Was on the life estate. Q. Are you the attesting witness here? No, I merely bring it from the Court. Q. Look at these two papers (produced.) and tell me if you know whose writing they are in? One is my writing, and the other is that of Mr. Allen—this one in my writing is a copy of the other; I mean it is a copy of Mr. Allen’s instructions on the subject.

But I apprehend that was a matter entirely within the discretion of the University authorities. But this purpose would continue to be as true as it was then, were the pursuers to succeed in all, for which they have contended. It will always continue to be the main object for which this and the other universities were founded, to train up worthy men for the service of the State But the words which immediately follow truly express the generality of the objects in view, “Sitque ibiibi scientiarum fons irrigans, de cujus plenitudine hauriant universi literarum cupientes imbui documentis,” which includes every member of the community who is desirous of profiting by the fountains of knowledge. It is a public highway, along which all who are anxious enough and strong enough are at liberty to travel, without distinction of age, or rank, or creed, or sex, or nation,—such is the import of the words, and such is admitted with one exception to be their import. Does it signify that from time to time the regulations of different universities have varied, sometimes introducing domiciliary regulations which might exclude one class, or financial regulations which may exclude another, or religious observances which may exclude a third?

I could speak English better, I maintained British etiquette and customs, I had access to first world services and goods whereas people were still using holes dug in the ground as a toilet. I somehow internalised not only stereotypical views of what make somebody British but also internalised the stereotyping against Chinese people. I internalised the ignorance and disgust at my own community of people. Trading, buying or selling cryptocurrencies should be considered a high-risk investment and every reader is advised to do their own research before making any decisions. The family were at Tywardreath on census night, 5th April, 1891, but Frank was already planning to emigrate.

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Prior to that time it was merely a college or teaching body. The original supplication to Queen Mary in 1562 was for the purpose of building “ane schule,” and Queen Mary’s charter in 1566 merely authorised the application of the lands granted “in hospitalia aut alios similes usus legitimos.” If the Act of Council of 1579 contemplated the founding of a University, that purpose was never carried out. King James’ charter of 1582 makes no mention either of a College or University. The distinction between a University and a College was then fully recognised, as is shown by a letter addressed by the municipal authorities to Rolloch, “maister of the townis college,” containing his appointment as principal, and in which they confer upon him all the powers “that to the said office is known to appertene, or that ony other principall or first maister of ony colledge within the Universities of this realm hes.” St Andrews, Glasgow, and Aberdeen had each their College or Colleges distinct from the University. He had a most distinguished family history.

Supposing the Magistrates and Council prior to 1858 to have had power to pass regulations for the admission and education of female students in the University—it would seem to me that they were under obligation to have exercised that power, and might have been compelled to do so. It cannot be thought that the non-exercise of powers of regulation actually possessed should be permitted to exclude from instruction any part of the community, for whose behoof the University was established. The possession of the power to make regulations with regard to the education of females as much as of males may fairly enough be held to lead as a necessary inference to the recognition of a legal right in female students to have instruction. Had I been able to adopt the proposition that the University authorities all through its existence had power to pass such regulations as are before us, I would have been inclined to sanction rather than to refuse the legal right. My opinion, however, is, that the Regulations were not ultra vires.ultra vires. There was nothing in the terms of the written constitution of the University to exclude females.

  • I was there about a quarter of an hour, and then went to bed—I cannot exactly recollect whether John was there at the time I went to bed.
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  • Q. How long after Delora came out did You see these other persons?
  • Friday was a day of mixed emotions, but delighted that the new owners are excited with their new home.
  • According to records from Trinity College Dublin, Janet Mary Gordon was the first woman from LMH to recieve a degree from the College in 1905.
  • That long and uninterrupted national usage, in such a matter as the elective franchise, assumed a constitutional character.

Most assuredly they create and impose no obligation or duty either on the Senatus or the Chancellor, who are the only defenders called in this action. So far as they relate to the teaching of women as students in the University, they merely enact that “Women shall be admitted to the study of medicine in the University of Edinburgh; that the instruction of women for the profession of medicine shall be conducted in separate classes, confined entirely to women; and that the professors of the Faculty of Medicine shall for this purpose be permitted to have separate classes for women.” Taking these Regulations together, as they must in order to be intelligible at all, it is very obvious that there is nothing enforceable in them as against the Senatus Academicus, the Chancellor, or the professors. The professors are merely “permitted” to have separate classes for women if they please, but that cannot be converted into an obligation upon them to have such classes whether they please or not. The pursuers do not maintain anything so absurd; and, accordingly, their action or complaint is not directed against the professors, or any of them. And what is their complaint or ground of action against the Senatus Academicus and Chancellor, the only defenders they have called?

  • A week; I gave it to this woman every Saturday night, and never asked her what she did with it; she kept a respectable home as far as she could.
  • I am assistant to Messrs. Perceval Wallis’s and Perceval Baker—I came down from dinner while the prisoners were in the shop—I heard Murray say he would leave 2s.
  • Proceedings to be stayed—I have not heard of any such offer—I know of nothing of the kind—I do not know that there was any definite reason for the length of time that elapsed before proceedings were taken, the thing slumbered—I cannot say that I was at all in hopes of getting paid—I took it up again in Jan. as a new transaction—I must have written to the parties before issuing the writ—I do not issue writs without writing letters previously.
  • This has not been shown, and, the Lord Ordinary thinks, cannot be shown.
  • I need scarcely quote them again.
  • It would be indeed a serious matter to find that regulations on which so much has followed are absolutely void.

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