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A great way to get some work for your new junior web developer portfolio if you feel like it needs some beefing up is to seek out freelance clients. Taking on projects as a freelancer will help you build business skills like negotiating, establish trustworthiness as a developer, and get you some up-to-date recommendations to show potential employers. It’ll also give you the chance to gain experience for full-time entry level web developer jobs (if that’s your goal) while building up your bank balance. The brilliant thing about junior web developer jobs is that your code speaks for you more than what’s on your resume. If you don’t get a job offer from your interview, keep going. The more you have in your portfolio, the stronger your coding skills will look and — more importantly — be.

What should a junior node JS developer know

All-in-all, these are the concepts which node.js developers should be familiar with. In today’s article, DevSkiller will cover the ins-and-outs of Node.js, the most important things an IT recruiter should be aware of and our best strategies to hire a quality Node.js developer. Mongoose is one of the more popular ORMs for MongoDB if you prefer a NoSQL option.

Middle Node.js Developer Resume

With three to six years of experience under their belt, a mid-level developer has to demonstrate core programming proficiencies. In many cases, you will want to see at least the level of a Node.js backend developer resume by this point in a coder’s career. In any case, you will need a front-end and a back-end developer.

What should a junior node JS developer know

By understanding the market you are hiring in, you will be better positioned to find qualified candidates and secure the right team. The Node.js developer average salary can vary widely, anywhere from 50 to 100 percent depending on how long the candidate has been working with the platform. For 100%, you can take the salary of a senior Node.js engineer in the US for about 100 thousand dollars per year. In Central Europe (Estonia, Croatia, etc.), the average salary of such a specialist will be about 50 thousand dollars per year. Codes need to be object-oriented so that it’s easily readable. Some web developers and programmers create codes that only they can understand, making it difficult for other developers in the team to understand their work and make necessary updates or changes.

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By the next interview, you’ll be an even stronger candidate. Unlike Mid Level developers, Seniors not only have more experience with tools and software development. They also must have interpersonal skills to train other team members in both in-person and remote workplaces. Their technical expertise helps them prepare new members and distribute tasks to ensure the best performance of your web application.

What should a junior node JS developer know

Don’t expect that candidates will know your tech stack back to front. Assume that if a developer has proven success in one stack, they can perform to a high standard in another tech stack. This breadth of knowledge is not a big barrier for front-end developers, who wish to migrate from browser work to the server.

Benefits of Hiring a Lead Developer

In this article, we are going to look at the skills of a Node.js developer and provide you a Node JS developer resume sample. When a business owner hires a junior developer to work on an IT startup, they may think they are saving money. However, if the developer does not know enough about Node.js or its design concepts and paradigms, mistakes and assumptions will be made, leading to wasted time and potential overspending.

Node.js is an increasingly popular platform for building applications, including websites and mobile apps. In 2022 Node.js was ranked as the 6th most popular technology, with over one-third of professional developers ranking it in the top (36% chose this platform). Startups may use Node.js web development services to get their software off the ground quickly and into users’ hands as fast as possible. If you are looking for a Node.js developer to help you save not only your time but also your development costs, then you’re at the right place at the right time. Plus, you’ll have strong, industry-vetted experience to talk about in your job interview.

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Node.js for Beginners: How to Get Started.

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Professionalism means setting clear boundaries about your time, work ethic, and commitment. Setting healthy work boundaries means taking responsibility for your actions and attitudes, and taking no responsibility for the actions or miscalculations of others. Being able to negotiate the difference is a skill that comes with time and practice. Learn your next language in a flashUse Educative’s Paths to transition languages in half the time. It’s also very closely tied to freelance work, which is far more often remote, which may skew the numbers somewhat.

This all goes to show that any good Node.js developer will still be able to handle projects that don’t use Node.js. Of course, whether they have the background in the tools you need will depend on the developer. No development environment is 100% perfect on its own, and every business and application has different needs. One of the biggest skills required for Node.js developers is error handling. Great developers have problem-solving skills and know how to handle minor and major errors and bugs quickly and efficiently.


JavaScript | Node.JS | File system – Use NodeJS to read/write files in sync and async way, list directories recursively. TypeScript | React Hooks | Movies State Management – Complete movies management application using React Hooks by implementing state management to existing views. Node.JS | Rest API | News backend service – Implement a news backend service created in Node.JS with Vanilla JS including writing authorization and Rest APIs. Developers that demonstrate an understanding of platform specificity . Open source experience should also be discerned as an additional benefit since Node.js is one of the most open-source friendly platforms that exist.

  • To become a successful NodeJS developer, one needs to have appropriate certifications in technology and knowledge about server-side programming, DevOps, and more.
  • His approaches must be flexible so that others can adapt themselves accordingly and offer the best performance.
  • Before jumping into the differences between Junior, Midlevel, Senior, and Lead developer, let’s have a look at the two key roles you need to build a web application.
  • As this chart shows, employers want to see more Node.js resume options coming across their desks.
  • What’s important to look for when hiring developers with Node.js experience?
  • We’ve rounded up a list of 12 essential steps to take on the way to changing your career path and landing junior web developer jobs.
  • Be comfortable with adding 3rd party libraries to your code.

These are the keys to creating and maintaining a successful business that will last the test of time. Your Node.js codebase won’t be enough to run your web application. You’ll also need to know how to store dynamic data in a persistence layer like a database. There are way too many database options to list here, but often the best way to interact with them in Node.js is through an Object-Relational Mapping tool. Learn how to provide secure authentication for your web application.Passport is a popular middleware for authenticating users with a variety of schemes. Specific Node.js API domains that come up over and over in web application development are Buffers, HTTP and file manipulation.

Even though Node.js experts are highly sought after and wanted, their wages can be lower than you expect in some countries, and we are talking about not only India. In 2023, Node.js will continue to be a growing trend among developers and provide undeniable benefits that make it the preferred choice of computer framework. The usage of Node.js technology is expected to increase by 4-7% next year, bringing it closer to other popular JavaScript frameworks.

Thorough understanding of Git and Github is also really beneficial. Node.js, as mentioned before was built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript’s. One of the key reasons why the language is preferred by software companies is the effectiveness and the multi-faceted Junior Node JS developer job frameworks, vast library of modules, IDEs and tools. Other than, additional knowledge of basic and full-stack Modular- View Controller frameworks such as Strongloop, Sinatra, Rails,, Meteor, ActionHero, Derby, etc. is also really beneficial.

It doesn’t take long to separate the average job candidate with one with the right Node.js resume template who can truly help you drive your business goals. Some programming languages have more features than others, and as a junior developer, it’s a good idea to turn to these to save time and energy. Languages with built-in dev tools mean you can make cool things way easier. There’s a lot of discussions out there as to which languages are best for junior developers to know. Many junior developers stress over their hire-ability because of their lack of programming language knowledge. Average Node.js developer salary.But what about similar jobs like full-stack or JavaScript development?

So it’s interesting to observe what the candidate considers important for them. You might be rightly skeptical about a candidate if they value technical expertise only since this is what you should expect later on when working for your company. The specifics of Node.js developer skills is clearly non-negotiable. The first stable version of Node.js (0.10.0, the first one used in business) was released in 2013, though the project began a few years earlier. Ryan Dahl’s goal, the creator of Node.js, was to create real-time websites with push capability, “inspired by applications like Gmail”.

Node.js.This approach has a few notable advantages over PHP and Python — Node.js functions aren’t blocking . In contrast, each PHP or Python command stops other commands until it’s finished executing. In other words, JavaScript server applications can be much faster and work better in real-time. Are you interested in becoming a Node.js developer and exploring JavaScript further? This article will answer many of the common questions about Node.js.